Ryan Bridge: 'Tyrannical' ball dress code not inclusive

Opinion 08/07/2019

Due to intoxication, I don't remember much of my school ball.

But I do remember it was important to a lot of people. Young kids growing up, dressing up, getting a date. It's a bit of fun more than anything. 

But it won't be at Kerikeri High School this year. 

A very strict dress code will be rigorously enforced by what I can only describe as a tyrannical 'ball advisory committee'. 

No cleavage, no revealing slits, mono-colour suits for boys with a tie to be worn at all times

Just to reinforce the Handmaid's Tale theme of the ball, dresses must go down to the ankles. 

You might think this is about keeping it formal, right? Like 1883 formal? 

Well not according to some students who spoke to media at the weekend. They're going all Saudi Arabia on the dress code to be more inclusive. Yes, the students deciding the code apparently say they want to be more gender and body inclusive. 

For goodness sake.

If a boy wants to dress as a girl, or vice versa, then they can do that. 

If a larger person wants to cover up, let them. But don't make everybody else change to accommodate or suit them. 

Forcing students to change their clothes won't make their minds more accepting of others. 

In fact, it could have the effect of doing the opposite. So I challenge you, students at Kerikeri High, get your ankles out.

Ryan Bridge is co-host of The AM Show.