Shane Jones defends and explains Provincial Growth Fund investments

News 08/07/2019

Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones joins Magic Talk Drive with Brendan Telfer, standing in for Ryan Bridge.

Telfer begins the interview by asking the Minister if he is ‘branching off into the geothermal and mineral extraction industries with this fund. Asking him to explain his thinking behind these moves.

Jones defends his record as someone who has “always been pro-mining.”

Telfer then asked what happens to the water in these mining operations to which Shane Jones explained “the water is recycled, they extract the silica and it crystallises and the water is returned to mother earth.”

He then goes on to explain an initiative funded through the Provincial Growth Fund which would make biofuel out of food waste.

The most important thing is that we are willing to try.

"We’re willing to experiment and we’re willing to invest to ensure that our mountains of waste are turned into products of value."

Telfer dons a green hat to ask if these investments will improve the country’s ability to reduce the carbon footprint of industries.

All of our projects are designed to reduce our carbon footprint.

"To demonstrate in a practical way the battle against climate change."

The conversation turns to the further investment into the one billion trees program.

You can listen to the full interview above.