Should the Government take an active role at Ihumātao?

Ryan Bridge 26/07/2019

Hone Harawira is in support of the protests at Ihumātao, claiming the Government should come to the table.

In an interview with Ryan Bridge on Magic Talk Drive he predicted that the situation is “getting very much Bastion 2.0.”

The people who follow are the ones with the guts and brains to lead the fight to get our land back. 

Hone tells Ryan that he believes the Government should have “given back all of that land”.

Hone recognises that “a lot of the people out there want to have homes, but that land shouldn’t have been flicked off to Fletchers because of its significance.”

He also suggest that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern should step in saying, “opportunity is there for her to lead.”

This is the new Bastion Point.

You can listen to the full interview above.