Unprecedented violence in Hong Kong

Ryan Bridge 22/07/2019

Anna Coren, Hong Kong correspondent for CNN, talks to Ryan Bridge on Magic Talk Drive after reports of extreme violence against protesters.

Anna tells Ryan, “we haven’t seen this kind of violence before.”

What we witnessed was unprecedented.

She describes “mobs of men rushing onto a train and attacking people indiscriminately.”

According to the CNN correspondent there are reports that the men are triads being paid by the regime in Beijing to disrupt protests.

It is reported that police ignored pleas for help from the violent mob and a reporter live streaming the event was also attacked.

It has become part of the routine in Hong Kong with protests becoming dangerous as soon as it becomes dark.

The violence has mutated the protests in to more than just against the extradition billas it also becomes now about police brutality.

You can watch the full interview above.