What is the historical significance of Ihumātao

Ryan Bridge 26/07/2019

Historian and Archeologist David Veart joins Ryan Bridge on Magic Talk Drive to explain the historical significance of Ihumātao. He tells Ryan that much of the significance lies in “where it is, not what’s there.”

What makes it important is that it’s part of a complete landscape.

He goes on to explain that “the significance has been recognised for a long time”, when it was originally bought for potential quarrying but when tno stone was found it became safe from being turned into a quarry.

Veart details how when he was talking with the local Marae they were confident that the land would be added to the reserve but it was Auckland Council who changed that.

He tells Ryan about the importance of the volcanic soil, and the connections the land has “with all parts of our story.”

David attributes the current development as “a product of two failures”. Where the supercity led to the situation where the significance of the land could be written off as housing, a description he heavily criticises.

Of all the land in Auckland this is the least likely to be able to say that about.

The conversation then turns to how more research should have been done before progressing with the housing development and how archaeology can read the land and it’s story.

You can watch the full interview above.