Would a Free Trade Agreement with the US compromise Pharmac?

Peter Williams 23/07/2019

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters joins Peter Williams in conversation on Magic Mornings. 

The conversation begins with Winston’s return from the United States. Peter asks the Deputy Prime Minister if there is a realistic chance of achieving a Free Trade Agreement? To which Winston answers, “that’s the plan, yes.”

“Things have progressed from where they were six months ago”, he continues to say that comments assuming that the Government doesn’t have the ability to convince the US to New Zealand’s conditions are doomed to fail.

“If you go in to negotiations thinking you can’t succeed, then you won’t.”

If you go to find common ground you will do much better.

They then discuss if it is possible that Jacinda Ardern might make a visit to the White house as other New Zealand Prime Ministers have done. Winston says, “of course there is, why not?”

She’s met him already, several times across the world.

Finally they move on to the issue of Australia departing New Zealand citizens found guilty of crimes and is there any parallel with Pacific islanders in this country.

You can listen to the full interview above.