Did the Police Association provoke a reaction from gun lobby trolls?

Ryan Bridge 01/08/2019

Nicole McKee from the Council of Licensed Firearm Owners and Chris Cahill from the Police Association join Magic Talk Drive with Ryan Bridge to discuss allegations that the Police Association likened gun owners to trolls in their latest magazine cover.

Chris tells Ryan and Nicole that the story itself is concerned with social media, and the activity of online trolls from overseas. He says that he doesn't see any cause for any offence.

If they're offended, they're being precious.

The post in question. Source: Facebook

Nicole counters that the efforts of COLFO are "trying to bring together an ostracised community" and feel as though gun owners are being demonised.

If that's being precious then it's because we're being demonised.

The debate continues with Chris defending the article as not being about gun owners in New Zealand and that this is an example of people not reading past the headlines, and alleges Nicole is working hard to block amendments to gun laws.

Nicole rejects the claim and says they are not opposing all amendments but want to be conscientious about keeping New Zealand safe.

You can watch the full debate above.