Duncan Garner: Kiwi kids sharing nudes should alarm all parents

Opinion 09/08/2019

A message to parents - be careful when your eight-year-olds take selfies.

This is serious because get this wrong and there could be a lifetime of consequences.

There are all sorts of creeps out there, who need to be wiped from the surface of the Earth, but it's too hard to catch them all. 

In Hawke's Bay police say nude selfies have become a thing and that's madness because they live forever on the internet.

Police say an eight-year-old boy shared a nude pic, and he's not the only one. 

Be careful. Keep an eye on your kids and get advice.

Martin Cocker from Netsafe is good - jump on his website.

Keep an eye on what they're up to, lend them a phone, don't give them their own one. Get involved in their lives, don't leave them to their own devices on their own device for hours on end - it's not a babysitting service. 

The most vulnerable students are years 7 to 10, but even a year 5 student has received nude images on her phone from an overseas male. 

Consider safe zones or device-free zones. I know as parents we have to pick our battles, and sometimes I pick so few I wonder if I'm too soft, but this is one I worry about.

Look over their shoulder and tell them the truth and what could happen.

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.