Duncan Garner: Pania Newton is astonishing, a real hero

Opinion 22/08/2019

On Pania Newton, I think in time she'll be considered a hero.

Right now many people may think she's a stirrer, but I think we should give her the permission to do what she's doing now.

She's a leader and, for someone so young, she's astonishing. 

This is not a violent protest - I do not support violent protests, but I support protest and it's important that you fight for something in your life. 

This is their land. She's learned about it and she wants it back and that's not such a bad thing. 

Once you lose your land, you lose your land - it's gone forever. 

For these people, it's really important, and for her, I say she's a young hero and in time I think she'll get the space to be rewarded for that. 

Right now a lot of people will see her as a stirrer but good on her, it takes real guts to do what she's doing and I say, one day, she'll be regarded quite highly. 

Remember Dame Whina Cooper and people like that? 

Think about her and give her the space and time to be rewarded properly.

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.