New book Last Writes to help people plan their own death

The AM Show 05/08/2019

A death book - it sounds rather morbid, but that couldn't be further from the truth. 

Managing director at Advocacy Works Penny Tucker has penned a manual for mortality; a guide which allows people to pass on their perspectives and their wishes for the death. 

It all came about after Tucker found her mum's own musings after she passed a few weeks ago. She and a friend then created this manual - an outline so you can write in your own story. 

"For me it was amazing when [mum] died -  it set out what she wanted for her funeral, and they were really detailed wishes," Tucker explained to the AM Show on Monday.  

It made it for me a much easier process because she was very relaxed about dying.

Tucker says she followed her mother's orders "down to the letter," and was inspired to put something together for others in the same boat. 

"We started to think what if there was a model to follow, with room for fun things as well as practical things, with some reflections allowing people to articulate messages they might not have been clear about," she explained. 

There's sections for what you want on your headstone, a time limit on funeral speeches, even a place to list your internet passwords. 

"For me it's like a voice beyond the grave - I hope people use it as a practical and loving voice," Tucker said.  

You can find more information about Last Writes here

The AM Show / Newshub reporter Sarah Templeton