Police Association president 'disappointed' by Simon Bridges comments on buyback scheme

Ryan Bridge 28/08/2019

Police Association president Chris Cahill tells Ryan Bridge on Magic Talk Drive that he is "disappointed in Simon Bridges, but not surprised" following the National Leaders criticisms of the gun buyback scheme.

National has claimed to have seen a leaked draft of the Governments second round of firearm legislation, and have signalled that they do not support the reforms.

Chris Cahill explains to Magic talk Drive that the "majority of illegal firearms are sourced by stealing from owners".

At the moment it's pretty much a free for all.

He also refutes the notion that illegal importation is a problem saying that there is "no evidence."

Cahill continues by criticising those who suggest there is no need for reforms as "burying their heads in the sand." 

We don't want to look back in history and say we failed again.

Chris believes that taken under the proper consideration the Governments buyback scheme will be more successful than other nations attempts at a similar scheme.

You can watch the full interview above.