Police presence at Ihumātao "over the top" - Auckland councillor Efeso Collins

News 06/08/2019

Efeso Collins, Councillor for Manukau Ward talks to guest host Brendan Telfer about Ihumātao.

Telfer begins the interview by asking Efeso, who has come out against raising the police presence, if it was prudent for police to increase numbers given they had been told that protestors would attempt to re-occupy the land.

Collins replied that there was a need for “good honest discussions” and that if police “had that intelligence then they should speak with the organisers to share that information.”

I Think it's completely over the top that they have that many police there in the first place.

Brendan points to the intelligence that protesters asserted they would attempt to bypass the police cordon, would that not warrant that presence, Efeso denied the claim saying that the protesters “have been clear they will be peaceful.''

The Magic drive host next asked what the atmosphere was like now, and have tensions improved?

Efeso says, “I would argue the police have created a whole lot more tension by having more people there.”

You can listen to the full interview above.