"New Zealand history needs to be corrected" - Indigenous rights advocate

Ryan Bridge 17/09/2019

Environmental, Indigenous and human rights advocate Tina Ngata tells Ryan Bridge on Magic Talk Drive why a collection of Iwi have made the decision not to provide a formal welcome to a re-enactment of Captain Cook’s meeting with indigenous people.

Tina explains that Captain Cook is considered a violent man to many indigenous people by detailing the frequency in which he was involved in violent altercations since his arrival.

Ryan then asks if Tina is suggesting that the New Zealand Encyclopedia Te Ara is wrong with it’s details of only one altercation in 1769 followed by an otherwise peaceful journey.

Yes, it is wrong.

Ryan then asks if, that being an official Government source, is the Government lying about the history of Captain Cook? To which Tina says, “Yes.”

“They are, and this is the point of why New Zealand history needs to be corrected.”

She continues to say, “there is a particular agenda to the formal recognised colonial history and it is time to right that history.”

You can listen to the full interview above.