"Stay resilient" - Grey District Mayor's message on final day

Ryan Bridge 01/10/2019

Tony Kokshoorn will be stepping down after 21 years in local body politics at the next election he joins Ryan Bridge on his way to his final meeting.

He tells Ryan, “I’m a big believer that you have to hang up the reigns every now and again and do something new.”

I loved the council meetings, I love the debate.

When asked why he feels the need for change in his life he says, “well like Kenny Rogers says in his song, you got to know when to fold them.”

The pair joke about how Tony was voted the tenth most trusted New Zealander despite being a politician, used car dealer and involved in the media.

I think it’s the honesty, if you lead by example rather than talk which is cheap.

The interview then moves to the Pike River explosion as Tony recounts the day he receives the news.

Tony finishes the interview with a positive message saying, “Stay resilient, there’s always good times after bad.”

You can listen to the full interview above