Autism NZ Chief explains what Aspergers is

Ryan Bridge 25/09/2019

Insulting comments have been made by some media commentators regarding climate activist Greta Thunberg’s Aspergers following her rebuke of world leaders at the UN General Assembly.

Autism NZ Chief Executive Dane Dougan explains to Magic Talk Drive’s Ryan Bridge what Aspergers is and describes the insulting comments as “unfortunate.”

What that comment shows is a lack of understanding and a basic ignorance to our community.

“We are confident that those types of comments are getting less and less.”

Aspergers has long been considered on the autism scale, described as, “levels of autism” though many people still call themselves as living with Aspergers .

"Essentially what it is, is a different way of seeing the world. One of the traits is that they can become very focused on one particular area of life."

"On average people with Aspergers have an equal level of intelligence, there is evidence that on the higher ends of genius level intellect Aspergers is more highly represented."

It is possible for people to go their whole lives living with Aspergers undiagnosed as it can be quite difficult to detect and may be passed over as merely a personality quirk.

You can watch the full interview above.