Christchurch attack survivor describes life six months later

Ryan Bridge 13/09/2019

The Christchurch terror attack survivor tells Magic Talk Drive “from this tragedy I have been trying to take it in a positive way and just moving along”.

Farid Ahmed, who forgave the alleged gunman in the days after the shooting joins Ryan Bridge on Magic Talk Drive ahead of the weekend that marks six months since the attacks.

Farid told Ryan that he believes New Zealanders have continued to show their support and inclusivity for the muslim community.

When asked Ahmed reaffirms that he wants to reach out to the alleged shooter to forgive him saying, “I still feel like that, definitely.”

I feel even stronger than before as at that time I was in tatters.

Farid also explains how when he attends Friday prayers he is even more focused as his prayers “help me heal.”

You can listen to the full interview above.