Darroch Ball argues against lowering the voting age to 16

Ryan Bridge 20/09/2019

New Zealand First Spokesperson for Law & Order Darroch Ball tells Ryan Bridge that politically active youths are, "the exception."

Speaking to Magic Talk Drive following an interview with 'Make it 16' campaigner Rebecca Matijevich, Ball commended the campaigner, and all politically active youths, for their passion but reaffirmed that most young voters do not participate.

Firstly can I just say that I have got heaps of respect, and I really admire the passion and enthusiasm that Rebecca, and people like Rebecca have shown, for politics and getting out and voting."

But the problem with it is that she is the exception for the young people.

He points to statistics that 18-24 voters have higher enrolment but lower participation in elections.

He further explains that in the eyes of the law those under 18 are considered minors, not responsible enough to take certain actions which would impact on their ability to vote.

You can watch the full interview above.