Education Minister explains decision to introduce history curriculum

Ryan Bridge 12/09/2019

Minister for Education Chris Hipkins tells Ryan Bridge on Magic Talk Drive that the introduction of a history curriculum is, “something we have been working on for a while.”

The Minister joined Magic Talk Drive to discuss the announcement Thursday morning the Government will make changes to the education curriculum to "make clear the expectation" New Zealand history is taught in all schools and kura from 2022.

Some schools do it well and others don’t.

Currently, the national education curriculum allows schools and kura to make their own decisions over how New Zealand history is covered.

Hipkins explains that the current curriculum, “has a social studies strand which can include New Zealand history but also can include Tudor history, which is the issue that gets raised repeatedly.”

Why do we learn about Tudor England and not our own history?

When Ryan asks what amount of schools are or are not teaching local history Hipkins admits that, “the problem is that we don’t actually have that information, we don’t audit what schools teach.”

The Minister tells Ryan that there is an abundance of resources for teachers to use in teaching local history.

Ryan also asked about the recent allegations of sexual assault within the Labour Party although the Minister refused to comment saying, “I’m not going to get into what I did or didn’t know.”

Listen to the full interview above.