Fossil fuel funded fake news spreads misinformation on electric vehicles - Julie Anne Genter

Peter Williams 11/09/2019

Associate Minister of Transport Julie Anne Genter joins Magic Talk Mornings with Peter Williams to talk Electric Vehicles and their environmental impact.

Peter begins the interview by questioning the Associate Minister on the possibility, according to an NZ herald article, that if current targets are met there will be “a major battery disposal issue by the early 2030s”.

Genter refutes the original premise and source of the argument saying the author “didn’t really do his homework before he wrote that article.”

Julie Ann explains how the article mentions there have been no studies into the overall emissions created by electric vehicles, which is incorrect with an independent report produced that does examine that very issue.

When Peter pushed further on the subject that there are some contradictory reports about the benefits to electric vehicles Genter responds by saying, “there is no question that the fossil fuel industries are putting out a lot of confusing fake news” on the issue.

The interview moves on to other polluting aspects of vehicles including tyres which the Associate Minister suggests are difficult to repurpose and end up creating pollution to which Peter questions is it her intention to replace rubber tyres also?

Julie Ann Genter tells Peter that her point was that, “there is a lot of misinformation out there that is actually funded by the fossil fuel industries.”

Peter questions whether electric vehicles are ethical with cobalt, an essential ingredient of batteries, being linked to child labour in the mines.

Genter refutes the claim that most mining is performed by children as “fake news” while Peter points out that only recently CNN had done a documentary on the very issue.

Peter also references articles in The Telegraph that attacks the viability of the lithium battery.

The Associate Minister then ends the interview due to time constraints.

You can listen to the full interview above.