Ghahraman and Ryan Bridge clash over climate action

Ryan Bridge 27/09/2019

Ryan begins the interview by referencing the MPs attendance at the Climate Strike and asking what exactly do they want to achieve.

Golriz says, “It’s going to take every industry, it’s going to take every Government, every one of us as individuals to act.”

It’s not a matter of targeting one or the other of the industries.

Ryan refutes that assertion pointing to the named industries of oil, gas and agriculture asking, “Why include agriculture then?”

Golriz responds, “we certainly have to make the law effective, so you do have to look at where the most damaging pollution is coming from.”

Ryan wants to know how Golriz Ghahraman expects to continue to meet the rising global demand for red meat if applying taxes and regulations to agriculture.

The planet is dying.

The MP says, “so we will have to adapt to that.” But Ryan wants to know who will in turn fill the gap in demand if New Zealand opts to restrain agriculture growth.

“It’s going to take all of us, we’re all going to have to be more efficient. It’s the developing world that’s going to suffer the most, who haven’t actually contributed as much to this crisis.”

Ryan insists, “the outcome of your policy will be a total global increase in emissions” as less efficient agriculture industries move in to supply the demand. Golriz disagrees saying, "farmers don’t want to be part of the problem they want to be part of the solution."

Farmers are incredibly inspiring when it comes to climate action. 

After Golriz mentions the action China is undergoing to address Climate Change Ryan counters that China is building hundreds of coal powered power plants across the world.

Golriz replies that we can’t get engaged in a race to the bottom, Ryan shoots back, “Here's the problem, you’ve introduced an oil and gas exploration ban, the Ministry for Business Innovation and Employment has told us that if we don't supply the world with gas and the methanol we produce using gas they're going to replace it with methanol from coal made by china.”

Ryan drives the point home that the Greens, "oil and gas ban is increasing global emissions because everyone is going to use coal fired Chinese products."

But Golriz believes, "we need to wean ourselves of these things that are killing us. The reality is we have to change, everybody has to change.

We are doing what’s right, we want to be on the right side of history.

The interview then moves on to the ‘Make it 16’ campaign aiming to lower the voting age to 16 with Golriz saying, “it’s become a bit callous not to let them have a say.”

You can listen to the full interview above.