Parliamentary footage ban a ‘political gagging order’ - Simon Bridges

Peter Williams 30/09/2019

Simon Bridges tells Magic Talk that “freedom of speech is important, we’re not going to be censored.”

The National Party Leader made the comments during an interview that begin with Peter asking Simon about the ban on using videos of debates from the house of representatives in political attack ads.

Bridges criticised the Speaker of the house’s process in the meantime by using the Standing Orders Committee which only reports every three years meaning that until then the footage cannot be used.

We just couldn’t go along with that political gagging order.

The interview then moves to comments made by Bridges saying he believes we should not declare a climate emergency.

Simon tells Peter, “I do believe in human induced climate change, I do think we should take sensible, practical steps to deal with it.”

But Climate Emergency? No. I don’t think it’s factually correct.

Simon also confirms that if elected into Government once more National would remove the future gas and oil explorations ban.

When asked about a speech delivered by Shane Jones to the forestry industry Simon responds, “I think Shane has just confirmed what we have always known about the Provincial Growth Fund, and said all along.”

It’s a political slush fund.

He goes on to criticise the effectiveness of the Provincial Growth Fund saying that infrastructure is more important than the projects that have been funded so far.

You can listen to the full interview above.