Should we lower the voting age to 16?

Ryan Bridge 20/09/2019

A campaign launched Friday aims to lower the voting age to 16, the 'Make it 16' campaign is testing the right for young people to vote in the High Court.

Campaigner Rebecca Matijevich tells Ryan Bridge, "voting is a fundamental human right, and 16 year olds can choose to leave school, and the family home, work full time, and drive."

They deserve to have a voice in our democracy.

When responding to critics who argue that alcohol sales are restricted to over 18s Rebecca disagrees with the comparison saying, "having a beer is very recreational when voting is just fundamental human rights."

Rebecca explains that issues being voted on now by the Government will affect the young the most in the future, using the example of the Carbon Zero 2050 bill which will have long reaching impact for 16 year olds now.

You can watch the full interview above.