Simon Bridges and Ryan Bridge trade barbs in fiery interview


National Party Leader Simon Bridges tells Magic Talk Drive host Ryan Bridge "let me have a go" when Ryan held the Opposition Leader to account on whether he would discard the Prime Ministers 'Christchurch call' after being critical of it.

What am I getting rid of? If you can tell me, I'll give you an answer.

Simon criticises the call as "nebulous" and claims that New Zealanders are more interested in a Government that deals with everyday issues rather than the activities of others on social media.

The National Party Leader refused to give a clear answer when asked if he was equally critical of the Australian Prime Minister who also signed the 'Christchurch call', saying, "I don't know exactly what his position is or to what extent he is invested in it."

Host Ryan Bridge then asks Simon has Simon "gone all Rambo on politics with India and China?", to which Simon denies saying that "India and China represent massive opportunities for New Zealand".

Ryan takes the National Party Leader to task holding him to account on comments made in China regarding Hong Kong saying he respects China's sovereignty to which Simon claimed his comments were improperly reported, "they clipped my answer".

Bridges claims that in a number of forums he said, "quite simply we want the see the rule of law respected".

You can watch the full interview above.