TASKA Prosthetics world first waterproof myoelectric prosthetic hand

Peter Williams 27/09/2019

Producer of the world’s first waterproof myoelectric prosthetic hand, TASKA Prosthetics have taken home the Supreme Awards at this year’s Westpac Champion Business Awards.

CEO Jamie Cairns and Founder Mathew Jury join Magic Talk Mornings to explain to Peter the work they do and how it sets them apart from other prosthetic makers.

Jamie Cairns explains, "these hands are quite unique in the world, we've got the first waterproof prosthetics in the world which is quite a big thing to not have a waterproof hand to do everyday things."

He further tells Peter, "another area that we are quite advanced in is that we are quite robust while our competitors are more fragile."

Founder Mathew Jury says, "We've been in the US now for two years and this was effectively a beachhead for TASKA to launch, it is the largest market for these devices."

It's been really well received, we're just making really good headway in those markets.

Mathew recounts how he founded the business, "this is a New Zealand classic founding story, I started trying to make hands in the garage in 2010."

"I discovered that all the hands that I made with 3d-printing, laser printing and just real good backyard manufacturing process for that time, they kept breaking, they were very fragile."

He consulted with international experts who told him that this was a common problem with prosthetics and that a product that could address the fragility would be well received.

Everybody was having the same trouble.

The CEO tells Peter the company is enjoying a profitable period with intentions to expand into the European markets following their success in the US. 

The next challenge for TASKA is their expansion into Europe which, being classed as medical device, means competing in an environment with rigorous European regulations, though the future looks bright for TASKA.

You can listen to the full interview above.