University student speaks out against climate strikes

Sean Plunket 30/09/2019

Eve McCallum is a 19-year-old law student at the University of Otago and grew up on a family farm in Maungaturoto.

An NZ Herald piece Eve wrote criticising the Climate protests caught Sean’s attention and he invited her to speak on Magic Afternoons.

Eve tells Sean that during disruptions caused by the climate strike she believes the strikers to be “brainwashed”.

When asked about Greta Thunberg she says “having been involved in politics from a young age myself, all credit to her for getting involved and saying what she thinks I’m a big supporter of that.”

I don’t really agree about the way she is going about it.

The conversation then moves to how farmers have been perceived throughout the discussion on climate action to which Eve claims, “there has become this idea that they are public enemy number one.”

You can listen to the full interview online.