What did Ardern and Trump discuss at UN General Assembly?

Ryan Bridge 24/09/2019

Jacinda Ardern “gets the Presidential thumbs up” in her meeting with the US President during the United Nations General Assembly.

Newshub political reporter Jenna Lynch in New York for the United
Nations General Assembly describes the meeting between Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and US President Donald Trump.

Jenna tells Ryan Bridge on Magic Talk Drive that the two leaders appeared to have gotten along well, with the Prime Minister describing the President as “warm towards her”.

Interestingly he brought up our gun buyback, he was really interested in that.

Ryan asks whether there were any developments on a free trade deal being negotiated with the United States to which Jenna confirms the two leaders tentatively discussed one.

Lynch further explains that Ardern was clear that New Zealand would like to see a reduction in tariffs for aluminium but that there are reports that officials will be meeting in Washington in the coming months.

The meeting of the two leaders had been described differently by the two Governments with New Zealand describing it as a meeting while the US called it a ‘pull-aside”, though one that lasted 25 minutes.

Jenna tells Ryan that there were no media present for the meeting making it difficult to exactly report how the meeting went.

The Prime Minister is also pursuing further developments for the Christchurch Call with tech companies building a roadmap for how to operate in the wake of the Christchurch terror attack.

You can listen to the full interview above.