Immigration Minister explains the recent changes to temporary work visas

Ryan Bridge 17/09/2019

Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway tells Ryan Bridge about the changes announced Monday to create a simplified workers visa system for both workers and employers.

The simplified system sees six existing visa categories combined under one ‘Temporary Work Visa’.

 Ryan questions the Minister on the decision to drop requirements of employer to prove that local kiwis would be capable of the job at higher earning wages while requiring it of lower wages.

The Minister explains that worker displacement is seen mostly at the lower levels of wages while the higher earners are less likely to lose out to international competition.

The evidence tells us that where we do see displacement is among those lower paid jobs.

As the Minister describes the requirement of employers to engage with the Ministry of Social Development for workers Ryan then raises the criticism that has been voiced by the industry that workers often do not perform as reliably as migrant workers.

The Minister explains that, “there will be much greater onus on the Ministry of Social Development to ensure that the people that they are referring are work ready.”

You can listen to the full interview above.