Gen Less "is a behavioural change initiative" - EECA Chief Executive

Sean Plunket 25/09/2019

An impactful advert from the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority calls on Kiwis to be the generation that uses less in an effort to reduce our environmental impact.

Chief Executive of the Energy Efficiency & Conservation Authority, EECA, Andrew Caseley joins Sean Plunket to discuss the new campaign.

Sean begins the interview by asking if EECA is a Government organisation which Andrew confirms.

As for funding Andrew explains, “Two main sources of funding, one is out of a consolidated fund and the other is we get a proportion of both transport levies… and electricity levies.”

Sean then asks for an explanation as to what is ‘Gen Less’, which Andrew describes as, “an initiative to encourage New Zealanders to use less energy and particularly when it’s sourced from non renewable sources.”

It is a behavioural change initiative.

“What we believe is important is for New Zealanders as a whole to provide an authorising environment for a government to feel confident about putting initiatives in place to address the climate change challenge.”

When commenting on the impact of the advert Sean describes it as, “using rhetoric and historical figures to create mood” as opposed to being an informational campaign.

Andrew agrees saying, “that is an accurate description of what that is, and deliberately so.”

For us it is to capture the attention of all New Zealanders.

Sean continues to be skeptical of the campaign and the cost which is reported to be as high as $1 million.

You can listen to the full interview above.