"People can be part of the solution" - Mike King

News 30/10/2019

Mental Health advocate and campaigner Mike King has told Magic Talk Drive that donating to his Gumboot Fund is an opportunity for "people to be part of the solution" when it comes to improving mental health.

King begins the interview by describing the structure of the Gumboot Fund clarifying that the funds raised in April's Gumboot Friday was specifically ring fenced to be used only for the payment of counsellors and none would go to his charity or to the administration of the fund.

The Fund was intended to act as a bridge for young people on waiting lists for Government funded mental health programs But King explains that due to how effective the Charity was it saw a sharp rise in referrals in the last month.

The money was going out at an average of $120,000 and then in September we got $940,000 of requests.

Mike made an appeal to listeners to engage and donate for the next Gumboot Friday in order fund counselling services, he also appealed to counsellors to keep seeing clients to protect their mental health.

You can listen to the full interview above.