Drive Debate: Auckland Mayoral Debate

Ryan Bridge 10/10/2019

As the Auckland Mayoral race nears to a close, frontrunners Phil Goff and John Tamihere debate on Magic Talk Drive mediated by host Ryan Bridge.

Chief among Ryan's concerns are reports of low voter turnout, asking with the possibility of a lower than 40% turnout can the eventual Mayor be considered legitimate?

Tamihere tells Ryan that, "everyone had the same choice to turn up" and so the results would be legitimate, Goff agrees saying, "everybody has had the right to vote, and it's not hard to vote".

But both agree that low voter turnout is an important issue.

Ryan then moved the debate to the topic of rates with the competing policies, Phil Goff has promised to increase rates by 3.5 per cent a year during his second term, a total increase of $320 dollars over three years, while John Tamihere has promised a rates freeze.

Goff argues that the rates increase are reasonable and necessary in order to invest in infrastructure for the growing city, which John decries as "bureaucratic psychobabble" with Phil firing back that the term makes no sense.

The debate gets heated as Tamihere claims that "stealth taxes" on top of the rates increases will leave households paying almost $900 dollars in new taxes, Goff rubbishes the claim saying, "we have had the lowest level of rates increases of any of the top 20 cities across our country."

As the debate gets more heated following a break in the programme Ryan attempts to repair the relationship asking each of the candidates to describe the other's strength, longevity and imagination are all they can muster.

The debate moves on to the role of local Government, free speech and quick fire questions asking how well do you know Auckland?

You can watch the full debate above.