Duncan Garner: Drug testing at festivals is what's best for our kids

Opinion 07/10/2019

I am so torn on the idea of having drug testing station or tents at festivals so party goers can test what's in their drugs.

Initially, I thought we can't do that. Surely it just encourages our young ones into drugs, but as a father, I've been convinced that drugs are part of the scene and always have been. 

So let's not have kids die unnecessarily because we stay staunch to some ideal. Let's offer the service and keep our kids alive.

We can't stop them so let's work on what's possible.

It shouldn't be the end of it, no way. We need a drug squad to head out and target the reckless manufacturers - the scumbags.  They're morally corrupt, they're morally bankrupt, they're monsters, they're evil and twisted and they hide in the darkness.

They're manufacturing drugs that contain pesticides, weed killers and bath salts. Mind and body-altering mini bombs, which as we saw over the weekend, take over your body and steal your dignity and your control

These cruel and twisted deluded people don't care if they kill one of our kids.

They simply do not care but we do, and we can do something about it. 

So let's have some truth and let's find out what's in these drugs and then our kids can be informed. That's a whole lot better than fighting for your life in a critical condition or running on top of the super top canvas tent thinking you're Neil Armstrong and you're the first teenager to walk on the moon.

We can do something about this here so let's be grown-ups about it and let's do it fast.

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show.