Duncan Garner: How a wildly out of control spinning truck restored my faith in men

Opinion 03/10/2019

I need to offer my apologies -  first to all men, for dismissing you so quickly and then to all women for being much too quick to give praise.

Look, it's typical of me. I naturally assumed only a woman could be so calm when confronted by an out of control catering cart that was spilling cheap plonk by the barrel load at Chicago International Airport.

This thing was veering violently towards some precious fare-paying passengers waiting in the cabin of a multi-million dollar plane just metres away. While they were oblivious it seemed obvious to me that a woman would come to the rescue.

When I saw the footage I suppose I naturally linked tailspin and women.

It felt right. But not once did I link tailspin or meltdown with men as I saw it on the tarmac.

The men were all hi-vis arms in the air and no action, just another day, really.

Then I saw that someone had commandeered a vehicle and driven it into the mini-truck to stop it. Obviously, I assumed it was a woman, because well that also seemed natural,  a woman driving into the side of another vehicle.

It's been the talk of the internet, who is she? Well she is he. Jorge. Jorge is a he, a man, a useful, life-saving man who has restored my faith in men.

So, I say, thank god for men. We are back. No longer oppressed, no longer pushed down. Finally, we can take our seats at the top table. Today is a day of celebration. To the men of this world, I'm sorry for thinking so little of you.

Duncan Garner is the host of The AM Show