Euthanasia legalisation is "discriminatory" - Psychiatrist

Leah Panapa 17/10/2019

Senior Lecturer and Consultant Psychiatrist from the Department of Psychological Medicine at Otago University Dr Christopher Gale has called upon colleagues in New Zealand and abroad to oppose legalising euthanasia.

Dr Gale warns Magic Talk Drive guest host Leah Panapa that euthanasia adversely impacts upon the vulnerable.

"The most vulnerable people tend to be over time, the very old, the isolated, those who have chronic illness and disability and those who are poor."

The End of Life Choice Bill in New Zealand has passed its second reading and is now in final committee stages.

Dr Gale describes how euthanasia laws change over time to include more people until eventually the law itself has become discriminatory resulting int he detahs of the most veulnerable.

You can watch the full interview above.