Gender Identity Ideology is urgent threat to feminism - Feminist Megahn Murphy


Canadian writer, journalist, and founder of Feminist Current Meghan Murphy tells Magic Talk Drive that “gender identity ideology” is an urgent threat to feminism.

Murphy has been permanently suspended from twitter following her use of a male pronoun to describe a trans woman.

I don’t refer to, so-called, trans women as women because they are not women.

Meghan explains to Ryan that she believes that socialisation of men and women is a large part of the problem with differences in pay and other social opportunities between the two sexes.

When Ryan remarks that Meghan seems more reasonable than other more extreme forms of feminism Murphy clarifies what does he mean by extreme.

She criticises trans-activism and third wave feminism as being too extreme and ideological in seeking censorship of those that disagree with them.

You can listen to the full interview above.