Government moving the goalposts on firearms prohibitions - Nicole McKee

Leah Panapa 31/10/2019

Police Minister Stuart Nash has cautioned gun owners not to wait to hand in now-prohibited firearms as the buyback and amnesty scheme enters its final 50 days.

The gun buyback scheme, which began earlier this year in the aftermath of the March 15 Christchurch terror attack, provided a six-month amnesty period for firearm owners to hand back now-prohibited weapons and parts. Reforms banned most military-style semi-automatic firearms. 

The Council of Licenced Firearm Owners spokesperson Nicole McKee joins Magic Talk Drive to voice the councils continued opposition to the scheme. 

McKee tells host Leah Panapa that the police have added more firearms to the list of now-prohibited weapons which she says have been rushed into effect and go too far.

McKee also described recent additions to the list of prohibited firearms as, "moving the goalposts," making it difficult for firearm owning citizens to comply with the laws. 

You can watch the full interview above.