10-year old Ryan describes actions to avoid highway accident

Ryan Bridge 09/10/2019

The quick thinking of a 10-year-old boy and the kindness of a "hero truck driver" prevented a possibly fatal accident on State Highway 1 on Tuesday.

Police say Ryan and his nana, Kathie, were heading north on State Highway 1 between Meremere and Mercer when Kathie, the driver, started experiencing a medical emergency. 

10-year old Ryan spoke to Ryan Bridge on Magic Talk Drive to share what happened. He says, “I looked over and noticed that my nana was going a little bit sleepy.”

He explains that his nana has diabetes and so he was concerned that her blood sugars may be low.

I asked if she was low and she said yes.

He continues, “I gave her something to eat but that didn't work so I tried to put my foot on the brake.”

Although the car slowed, Ryan was unable to move his nana's foot from the accelerator. He started waving to passing motorists in a desperate bid for help as the car drifted closer to the crash barrier and the Waikato River.

He then describes how he jumped out of the car while it was still moving at a crawling pace.

A truck driver noticed Ryan’s pleas for help, the driver managed to bring the car to a stop. He left the scene before the arrival of St John’s Ambulance and police are hoping to find out his identity.

You can watch the full interview above.