ISIS leader kill more symbolic than substantive - Terror expert

News 29/10/2019

Director of 36th Parallel Assessments, a geopolitical risk and strategic assessment consultancy, joins Magic Talk Drive to discuss reports that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has been killed by US forces.

Director Paul Buchanan described the kill as largely “symbolic” rather than substantive but believes that there may be some value if important intel was recovered from the site prior to it’s destruction.

"The reason for that is that al-Baghdadi was never a military leader, he was a religious scholar, a cleric", he says.

It will not affect one iota the operations of ISIS, in the region, and outside of the region.

Buchanan describes that since ISIS had been in retreat for some time, “commanders have dispersed”, searching for safe haven in western Iraq Sunni tribal lands.

Buchanan then lays out the threat of ISIS fighters that came from other countries returning home and abroad, “to engage in guerilla warfare.”

They will use terrorism as a tactic operate in small groups, small cells maybe even lone wolf actions.

Buchanan then outlines the various factors at play in the area with the Assad regime, Russian military and Turkish forces all in the area, begging the question how did the ISIS leader travel safely through the region?

You can watch the full interview above.