Mark Richardson rips into Winston Peters in scathing Three sale rebuttal

Opinion 21/10/2019

This morning on The AM Show, Mark Richardson had strong words for Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters, who said "good riddance" to Three after MediaWorks announced its sale on Friday. Here's what he said:

OPINION: As you all know, I plan on becoming the Prime Minister of this country one day, and the events on Friday regarding the future of this TV channel kind of expedited those plans somewhat.

But then I heard Winston Peters' comments.

"Good riddance," he says. 

Very classy Winston. 

Okay, in fairness to the Right Honourable Mr Peters he did say there were some good people here at Three. I guess those 'good people', Mr Peters, must be the ones who don't challenge you, don't do their jobs, the ones who you've been able to cowardly bully into submission with your constant threat of legal action when challenged. 

So in reality, in your eyes, there are very few good people then.

Yes, after hearing your comments, your heartless and classless revelling, Your Right Honourable Sir, I sort of thought, you know what, if this is the type of person I'd have to be to enjoy longevity in politics then I want no part of it.

As a sports person I understand competition, I understand your adversaries' right to challenge you, to test you, to ask the hard question and from time to time to better you. 

I also learned to respect their skill, respect them, to shake hands and move on, to regroup and come back better myself for it. 

It would appear your politics lacks this basic human respect.

You know what Winnie, sorry, Your Right Honourable Good Sir Mr Peters, I'd rather endure a Labour-Green government governing alone than another minute of you holding my country selfishly to ransom. 

Yeah that Red-Green lot have some hare-brained schemes but at least for the most part they're good people. 

They're good people with a genuine cause and a desire to help others. 

I don't know if I could say the same about you.

Mark Richardson is The AM Show's sports presenter.