Tuariki Delamere "astonished" parent visa category allowed through by Winston Peters

Ryan Bridge 07/10/2019

The former New Zealand First Party Member made the comment during an interview following the announcement from Government to re-open the parent visa for skilled migrants.

Former Immigration Minister Tuariki Delamere joins Magic Drive with Ryan Bridge critical of the Government announcement to re-open the Parent category Visa programme.

Ryan begins the interview by asking for Tuariki’s opinion, who tells Ryan that he opposes them but that they have made it through New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters is a surprise.

I’m astonished that Winston would allow this to happen.

Delamere then goes on to explain his opposition to older people arriving in the country with increased medical costs, citing his own experiences battling cancer and the costs associated.

He says, “New Zealand Taxpayers, the young people out there, will be paying huge amounts for people who contributed exactly zero to the economy.”

Young people, who can’t afford to buy a house anymore, it’s just going to get worse for them.

When discussing the income requirements of the skilled migrants in question Tuariki criticised the move to abolish the need for parents to prove a lifetime income while also claimed the new system was open to manipulation.

Immigration Minister Iain Lees-Galloway announced on Monday the visa category would be re-introduced after the previous National-led Government suspended it three years ago. 

The aim of the visa category is to support skilled migrants who "help fill New Zealand's skills gaps" by providing a pathway for their parents to join them.

But the Government's re-set version of the visa - available in February 2020 - now requires couples to have a higher income threshold than a single person in order to bring their parents to New Zealand. 

A single person will be able to bring one parent if their income is more than $106,080, but a couple would be required to have a combined income of more than $159,120. 

To bring two parents, the figures are $159,120 and $212,160 respectively.

You can watch the full interview above.