New Zealand First Youth Chairperson on Magic Afternoons

Sean Plunket 21/10/2019

Chairperson of the New Zealand First Youth Wing William Woodward joins Sean Plunket on Magic Afternoons after they have exploded into national consciousness having turned the party around on the issue of testing drugs at music festivals.

Woodward tells Sean that they, “have seen some amazing results as well, we’ve had some great feedback, both from within the caucus and without.”

Sean tries to figure out just how large a membership the youth wing of New Zealand First can claim to have, Woodward only commenting that there is a “limited acknowledgement of young New Zealand First”.

Sean asks for William to describe himself to gain an insight as to how he became interested in the party. The two playfully spar as Woodward answers smack of the trained political style of avoiding a direct answer but all in good spirits.

He does explain why he joined New Zealand First saying, “I didn’t join the party because of an individual, I joined because of its principles.”

Sean also explores how a youth wing fits with the party especially given their policy decisions which are often counter to younger voters concerns.

The interview concludes with Sean congratulating Woodward on what he is sure will be a prosperous political career for the New Zealand First Youth Chairperson and commending him for getting involved in the political process.

You can listen to the full interview above.