New Zealand needs to take an ethical stand on Climate Change - Climate Strike organiser

Ryan Bridge 03/10/2019

School Strike 4 Climate co-ordinator Luke Wijohn joins Magic Talk Drive with Ryan Bridge to discuss climate activism.

Luke explains to Ryan that demand economics does not exclude renewables saying, “if you think about energy, you’re not demanding that it is fossil fuel energy you just want your lights to go on when you flick the switch”.

"Globally we’re trying to rely almost solely  on a finite resource that relies on wars in the Middle East to stay relatively stable."

Individual changes on their own aren’t going to be enough.

"The issue that causes climate change is over consumption, it’s this exploitation of the planet and of people."

When questioned about the census information which includes 500,000 students driving or being driven to school everyday Luke counters that this exemplifies the kind of changes students are requesting.

He says students need better funding for public transport and bike lanes in order to not need to have a car to get to school.

"What we need is a complete societal change to make it easier for people to do the right thing."

Luke rejects assertions that only students are active against Climate Change but also adults as the largest Climate Strike to date was one that included parents and grandparents.

Ryan remarked the Luke is clearly “a smart guy” and is very passionate about this would he consider becoming a climate scientist to which Luke declined by saying, “the appeal of becoming a climate scientist died on me when you see the response that our governments give them.”

No one listens to climate scientists. If we did then we wouldn’t be in this mess.

The interview then moves to Government responses to Climate Change Luke arguing that the Government has not gone far enough.

"We know that the oil we have in our reserves, we know where it is but we haven't drilled it up yet, if we were to burn all of that oil we would get three degrees of warming."

I think it comes down to a question of morals.

Luke tells Ryan that we can all agree that New Zealand is a small country, “the world is full of other small countries citing others for not taking action at some point we have to stand up and take an ethical stand on this.”

You can watch the full interview above.