Peter Williams: Extinction Rebellion ‘nutcases’ spreading lies

Opinion 07/10/2019

OPINION: If you’ve been driving around in Wellington this morning you have my sympathies. 

This ridiculous and irrational mob of socialists known as Extinction Rebellion are creating a fair amount of havoc as they set up their protest in Stout Street and Ballance Street and possibly in other places too.

But it’s like the equally stupid School Strike for Climate Change, ten days ago. What is it they are actually protesting about? What exactly do they want done?

In the golden days of the protest movement the target was easy, the outcome defined. Stop the Vietnam War, don’t wreck Lake Manapouri, no more nuclear bomb testing, get the Springboks out of the country.

The cause and the solution from a protester’s point of view were simple and straightforward.

But I’m blowed if I know exactly what this is about.

I saw some silly old woman on The AM show today who really didn’t have a clue. If she is the voice of Extinction Rebellion, then they have a bit of an issue.

Here’s a few of her lines this morning:

“The disruption that will take place if we don’t take action will be far greater.”

“I hope Wellington will support us.”

Then in response to Duncan Garner’s questions about disrupting traffic, “we’re doing this to help them.”

In answer to what she actually wants the government to do, she said: “we want them to start thinking about climate emergency in every policy. We’re not seeing what we need to see, but once we see a mass movement of people they’ll make changes.”

So you see - they’re talking in headlines. They actually don’t know what they want apart from getting OMV to stop drilling for oil under the permit they were granted prior to that stupid government ban on future oil and gas exploration.

So that’s why they’ve blocked law abiding public servants from going to work at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) offices this morning. MBIE is the ministry that oversees exploration in this country so that’s why they’re targeted.

The protest is non-sensical, and so is their press release.

For a start, Lambton Quay - the main street of downtown Wellington and a pretty famous street around New Zealand is spelt with a P instead of a B - I mean, really?

Then it states; “they are enabling OMV, one of the 100 climate criminals responsible for 70 percent of our greenhouse gases”

That you see is just scientifically and factually wrong. It is outrageous and dangerous propaganda designed to spread lies in our community. 

As anybody who is a regular listener to this show will know, greenhouse gases are comprised mainly of water vapour. It makes up between 66 and 85 percent of GHGs, CO2 is between nine and 26 percent - of which only three percent is man-made, so Extinction Rebellion is just talking nonsense - again.

If they weren’t upsetting traffic in downtown Wellington, I wouldn’t give these people the time of day, but they are mad.

They are like the stupid vegan protesters blocking shoppers getting access to the meat shelves in the supermarket. You have a right to protest, but you don’t have a right to get in the way of people going about their normal daily lives.

But I can see it now; there’ll be virtually no arrests, hardly any action taken against them because I suspect the government will be ensuring the police don’t crack down too hard on these nutcases.

Peter Williams is host of Mornings on Magic Talk, weekdays 9am – 12pm.