Haka gives All Blacks an 'unfair advantage' - Ryan Bridge

The AM Show 22/10/2019

Ryan Bridge is claiming the haka gives the All Blacks an unfair advantage by intimidating the other team.

His comments come after the All Blacks won Saturday's game against Ireland 46 to 14. 

"It is an unfair advantage," he said on Monday morning's The AM Show.

"The other team has to stand there shivering awkwardly for a couple of minutes while they do the haka. Their minds are probably racing while our boys get to do this amazing spectacle," he continued.

The Irish supporters at Saturday's game didn't seem intimidated by the haka, with fans completely drowning out the All Blacks' performance with an Irish folk song.

The majority of Kiwis seem to disagree with Bridge's viewpoint, with a poll from The AM Show revealing 81 percent of respondents did not think it offered an advantage.

"That 81 percent have noticed in the past that the rousing nature of the haka has no correlation with a good All Blacks performance," said co-host Mark Richardson. 

"A quality haka just sends shivers down your spine and I would say if you're an opposition player you would stand in front of that and go 'right it's on!'" he continued.

So I would say they get an advantage out of it as well, in terms of an emotional boost.

Co-host Amada Gillies agreed with Richardson, saying the haka was the highlight of All Blacks games for her.

The AM Show / Newshub reporter Vita Molyneux