Should E-scooters be banned from footpaths?

News 29/10/2019

A petition to Government that would see e-scooters and other personal transport devices banned from New Zealand footpaths has been launched by a national coalition of advocacy groups, collectively, Foothpaths4Feet.

The coalition, which represents 14 member organisations across New Zealand, says that they have been working to support the Government as it brings in the Accessible Streets regulatory package.

Spokesperson Dr. Chris Teo-Sherrell joins Magic Talk Drive with host Leah Panapa to discuss why they are opposed to the devices being used on footpaths.

Teo-Sherrell tells Magic Talk that the coalition is advocating for people with disabilities that, “for many of us require footpaths as our only means of getting around.”

There simply isn’t space for any other users.

Leah questions whether it is feasible to ban the devices when others have legitimate use to try to reduce reliance on public transport and better emissions. 

Chris responds, “absolutely, we’re very supportive of e-scooters and other devices”, but he stresses that the devices must be in the proper place.

Bike lanes seem just the obvious place for them to be.

Asked if he had any faith in local regions councils in implementing and enforcing measures to restrict the devices use on footpaths, Chris lamented, “not at all, I was involved in a council for nine years and saw what happened when you have an issue.”

Dr. Chris Teo-Sherrell urges users to be more careful and cautions listeners to imagine if you were blind or frail and an e-scooter collides with you could be “life and death”.

You can listen to the full interview above.