Simon Bridges won't meet with gangs

Sean Plunket 09/10/2019

National Party Leader Simon Bridges told Sean Plunket that attempts from gangs to reach out were merely a "PR front".

He says, "I don't believe they're genuine in what they're saying. We've seen it from the Mongrel Mob and some other gangs in a bunch of ways." He criticises attempts by gangs to frame their activities as community related and as motorcycle gangs only.

We know that gangs peddle misery in the form of drugs and violence and that hasn't changed.

He goes on to condemn the gangs for not participating in the gun buyback as well as continuing to deal drugs.

When Sean puts forward a hypothetical scenario in which Waikato Mongrel Mob President Sonny Fatupaito orders members to return guns and stop drugs Simon conceded in that case he would consider meeting, but he was clear that he did not believe that would happen.

"If he did that I would be amazed, I would be impressed actually. In that sort of scenario where he renounces guns and we see guns come forward from his Mongrel Mob in decent numbers I would entertain meeting."

They are not going to do that. They are just not going to do that.

The interview moves to Simon's stance on crime, calling on his time a Crown prosecutor, and the state of crime in New Zealand.

You can watch the full interview above.