Startup Vxt to end the nuisance of voicemail

Latest - Magic Talk 31/10/2019

A startup born out of the University of Canterbury is launching software today which promises to end frustrating voicemail inbox calls. 

Vxt is a smart assistant that converts voicemails to text for users to read in the Vxt app. They are also developing other tools to automate administrative tasks, such as event scheduling.

The app, co-founded by 23 and 22 year old University of Canterbury students Luke Campbell and Lucy Turner, has just launched on the App Store and Google Play.

Co-founder Luke Campbell joins Magic Talk Drive with host Leah Panapa describing Vxt and how it came to be founded.

Luke tells Leah while in University a course he was studying spurred him to think of ideas for startups when the inspiration came.

I got a voicemail and it kind of really sucked so I figured we could do something better.

The company was founded on the nuisance of going through voicemails, finding the right one and getting all the information from them was a frustrating, slow process and that a translation to text would improve messages.

The startup believes there is a need for the service, in particular for businesses, business owners and those hard of hearing, reporting that in New Zealand alone there are two million voicemails recorded each day.

If you were listening to all those it would take you a year.

The company Vxt won first place in the annual 85K Startup Challenge as well as the support of large organisations, like Google, to help build the business.

The company uses call forwarding to send the voicemail to be transcribed and then a text is sent via the app on your phone.

The benefit of the system is that people can still leave voicemails but then the receiver gets it in text form.

Vxt is free to use for low usage but there are paid subscription plans for heavier usage. The founders are looking to raise capital to help them launch Vxt internationally next year.

Correction: In closing the interview Leah refers to the company as Vtx, the company is Vxt and can be found online here.

You can watch the full interview above.