There are some men who are lost in the 21st century - Chris Trotter

Sean Plunket 08/10/2019

Chris Trotter joins Sean Plunket to discuss free speech in New Zealand Universities prompted by his response to the open letter from Auckland University staff and students protesting posters from a right-wing group they describe as whitye-supremacist.

Appearing in The Daily Blog, Trotter writes, “Few spectacles are more tragic than those in which a community destroys its core values in the misguided belief that it is upholding them.”

“The 400+ academics who put their names to an open letter condemning racism and white supremacy on the Auckland campus undoubtedly did so with the best of intentions, but in signing the document they have either deliberately, or unwittingly, endorsed a document of profound illiberality.”

“They have placed their reputations at the disposal of extremists whose exhortations will only exacerbate the intolerance they purport to condemn.”

He explains further to Sean what he means in the interview above.