We have taken a stand against domestic violence - Female Mob chapter Leader


Waikato-based Mongrel Mob Kingdom is looking at establishing an all-female chapter. In an earlier interview, criminologist Greg Newbold told Ryan “women lack the commitment” to maintain a gang

As part of this new focus former teacher Paula Ormsby is fronting the push for the women's-only Mob chapter she joins Ryan Bridge on Magic Talk Drive to discuss.

She rejects the claims made by Newbold during his interview saying she was “shocked”.

I was quite shocked by that stereotyping and sexist comments that were made.

“I think he’s completely wrong, you will get domestic violence in all walks of life. We have taken a stance against domestic violence.”

Taking into account the violence and history associated with Mongrel Mob Ryan asks why not make a new gang without the baggage of the mob?

“This is the thing we needed to clarify, our women were never intending to wear the patch.” Paula further explains that they have been working in this regard for some time and this is just a continued effort in that regard.

You can listen to the full interview above.