Where did Halloween come from?

Leah Panapa 31/10/2019

Professor Lorna Piatti-Farnell, Professor of Popular Culture at AUT explains the history behind Halloween on Magic Talk Drive.

Host Leah Panapa begins the interview by asking the Professor why has Halloween expanded in popularity.

Lorna responds by saying “before we can answer that we need to remember that the popularity of Halloween has been expanding way beyond the US for centuries.”

She further tells Leah, “whenever we have traditions that we see as American, we need to understand we’re seeing a global expansion.”

The festival itself actually goes back to Celtic Gaelic Samhain which is a Pagan festival.

The Professor continues to explain the origins of the Festival, which originally ran through the entire month of November, before moving to how the event has evolved today.

The practice of Halloween as we know it today has been exported through popular culture such as films and the media. 

You can watch the full interview above.