"Bright young star" 13 year old Aimee Lindsay's death after school athletics practice

Ryan Bridge 20/11/2019

Aimee Lindsay, 13 years old, collapsed at Northland's Kamo Intermediate School on Monday and could not be revived, following her school athletics practice.

She was a talented and promising footballer according to Northern Football Federation Development Officer Dave Alabaster speaking with Ryan Bridge on Magic Talk Drive on Wednesday.

Ryan begins the interview expressing his condolences to David and the community for what has been an awful loss, David saying, “yeah, it’s been a massive blow”.

“There’s a lot of people in the football community shaking their heads wondering how this could happen to such a bright young star.”

Ryan then asks how long has David known Aimee and how he came to know her, he recalls she attended a summer program when seven years old.

I know straight away we thought that she had something special about her.

"We’ve been working with Aimee since nine years old really, on a weekly basis, we watched her grow and develop and become a real huge talent."

He continues, “losing Aimee at this stage of life is just a tragedy for everybody concerned,” Ryan then asks Dave what he thought the future might hold for Aimee. 

Dave compares Aimee’s abilities with the likes of Abby Erceg, Hannah Wilkinson and Katie Rood in terms of talent.

The thing that really set her a part was her game intelligence.

Even now the full details of Aimee’s death are unknown, with little understanding of how she died so suddenly, what is known is that she collapsed in the presence of other students and was unable to be revived.

The interview then moves to discuss the impact Aimee’s death has had on her classmates and friends before concluding with Ryan once again offering his sincere condolences to Dave and all the community impacted.

You can watch the full interview above.